Our Service,
                         will provide solutions!
The services you need to succeed in today's competitive climate:

  Internet Security
  We will provide you with a complete security solution based on mult-
vendor solutions to protect your information assets from malicious
hackers. Your needs will be evaluated by our experienced staff of
Certified Information System Security Professionals.
  Network Solutions
  We will setup, configure, and install your complete Netware or NT server
from soup to nuts, with complete infrastructure design.
  System Integration
  Whether you need a new system or want to integrate your existing
system with new state of the art technology, we will be there to hold your
hand and help you with your efforts.
  System Support
  The solutions we provide are backed by our qualified tech staff when
you need service. With our wide variety of experience in computers,
network security, infrastructure hardware and software, our consultants
will help you make the best decisions to to take your company in the
right direction.
  Compaq Authorized Servicenter
  We provide in and out of warranty services on all Compaq hardware and